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6 Things You Should Do After Sex and 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do

6 Things You Should Do After Sex and 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do

Sexual intercourse is a source of pleasure and satisfaction, but sometimes it can be frustrating due to pain, discomfort, and other problems. 

These issues usually happen due to infections and irritations that occur. 

To avoid these problems, it’s important to learn what you should and shouldn’t do after sex. 

That’s precisely the main objective of this post. Scroll down to learn more. 

What should you do after sex? 

Sexual intercourse promotes relaxation, which is why you probably don’t feel like doing much afterward. 

However, failing to do some things can increase the risk of infections and jeopardize your sexual health and wellbeing. These infections could also cause urinary symptoms (1). 

A habit of doing specific things after sexual intercourse can improve your and your partner’s health. 

Below, you can see what you should do post-coitus. All tips apply to men and women alike unless otherwise specified. 

1. Wash your genital area

Men and women should wash their genitals immediately after sexual intercourse. Failing to do so can increase the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs)

Sexual bodily fluids can contribute to genital infections and skin irritations if not washed away in a timely manner. Plus, the friction involved in sexual activity can push the bacteria toward the urethra. 

As bacteria enter the urethra, they spread and cause UTIs. Failing to wash genitals after sex can cause penile thrush and give male and female genitals a foul smell. 

Wash your genitals with plain lukewarm water. Even though you may be tempted to use soaps, shower gels, or even douche (for women), the best thing to do is to use water only. 

However, mild soaps could be okay. Other products, especially douche, could cause more problems. 

Washing genitals applies to oral sex, too. What about anal sex? People who engage in anal sex should shower after sexual intercourse and rinse the area with warm water and mild soap.

2. Wash your hands

This applies to men and women alike – always wash your hands after sexual intercourse. Doing so helps you eliminate bacteria you might have picked up by touching your partner’s genitals. 

As you wash your hands, you can reduce the risk of infections. In this day and age, it’s crucial to wash your hands as frequently as you can, whether you have just had sex or not. 

3. Clean your sex toys

When it comes to washing, it’s not just the body that needs cleaning. Your sex toys do too. 

Failing to clean sex toys creates fertile ground for bacteria and other pathogens to accumulate and later spread. 

To reduce the risk of infections, the best thing to do right after sex is to clean your sex toys according to the instructions on the packaging. 

Some toys are safe to boil or put in a dishwasher. For others, you can use antibacterial soap.

Don’t wait for hours, days, or weeks. Clean them immediately after each use. This tip applies to everyone who uses sex toys. 

4. Urinate

During sexual intercourse, bacteria or germs come into contact with the urinary tract. Urinating after sex helps flush out those bacteria and reduce the risk of urinary tract infection. 

Ideally, you should strive to urinate within 30 minutes after sex. Since men and women alike can develop UTIs, this tip applies to both. 

However, women can experience more benefits since they are at a higher risk of infections in the urinary tract.

If you can’t urinate immediately after sex, try drinking water before, during, and after. Doing so could help you urinate after sexual intercourse. 

5. Drink a glass of water

Drinking a glass of water after sexual intercourse has several benefits. First, it keeps you hydrated. Sexual intercourse can deplete energy levels, and water can give you the boost you need. 

Plus, it combats dehydration and makes you urinate more. This way, it can help you reduce the risk of UTIs. 

So, have a glass of water at hand, or drink water as soon as possible. This tip works for men and women alike.

6. Wear looser clothes

Tight clothes may cause discomfort, which is why loose-fitting options are the best. 

Women can benefit more from this tip than men. The reason is simple. Tight clothes can lead to pelvic pain, vaginal itching, and other problems. 

Since delicate skin in the genital area can’t breathe, tight clothes may contribute to problems such as thrush. After sexual intercourse, make sure to wear clothes that allow the skin to breathe. 

Instead of girdles, pantyhose, and tight pants and panties, women may opt for looser pants and cotton underwear. Men may also want to opt for looser underwear after sex instead of tight boxers. 

Cotton is a good choice for men and women because it’s a natural and breathable material. 

What shouldn’t you do after sex?

The above things to do after sex help you preserve sexual and urinary health and function. But, it’s also useful to keep in mind there are some things you should not do after sexual intercourse. 

These include:

  • Wearing tight clothes 
  • Using products with harsh ingredients to wash your genitals (including douche for women)
  • Using intimate wipes
  • Taking a hot bubble bath
  • Using perfumed or scented products on the genital area

In a nutshell, making the abovementioned mistakes can increase the risk of infection, cause discomfort and itchiness, and cause other problems that affect sexual and urinary health. 

Instead, you should make wise choices and focus on things that you should do after sexual intercourse. 


Proper hygiene after sex protects you from urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted infections, skin irritations, and other bothersome issues. It’s never too late to change your post-coital routine and introduce tips from this post. 

Make sure to see a healthcare provider if you notice problems in the genital area. Avoid harsh products and wash your genitals mainly with warm water.

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