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Bodies Are Cool by Tyler Feder

Bodies Are Cool by Tyler Feder

Book Review

A short overview of this book

Bodies Are Cool by Tyler Feder is a lovely book for talking to young children about how different (and beautiful) the human body can be. This is a beautifully illustrated book with a great array of bodies in every colour, size, ability and gender.

Books like this are important as they help young children to understand that everyone is different, and that’s okay. This helps to accept the diversity (or differences) in their own bodies as well as in other people’s bodies. Understanding this will also have an impact on self-esteem and body image.

So it is lovely to see a book like this that specifically targets younger children.

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Ideal for children aged 3 to 7 years.

Video Transcription

A transcription of the book review

A book for young children about bodies and diversity.

Hi, it’s Cath Hak here from Sex Ed Rescue. I want to share this book with you because it’s a fantastic book that’s good for talking to kids about diversity and bodies and it will also help with boosting self esteem. So the book’s called Bodies Are Cool by Tyler Feder. I really liked this book. There’s not a lot of books for younger children about bodies and diversity.

Now, just to let you know there’s no genitals in this book, I got this book thinking that it’d be a bit like that Bare Naked book where they talk about bodies being different and then they have the genitals at the back of it. But this one is just purely about bodies and all the private parts are covered. But it’s still a good book. And what I like about it is the diversity. So it’s about people of all colours, shapes, sizes, genders, and also ability as well.

Books like this are good because they help to normalise and help kids to understand that everyone is different and that’s okay. So they can look at a book like this and see a body that’s like theirs. It also prepares them and lets them know that kid bodies are different, but also adult ones as well. So it’s beautifully illustrated. You get pictures like this going through it. Lots of different bodies.

We’ve got a person sitting here and this could be scar tissue under their chest or it could just be the natural curves of their body. So we’ve got hairy bodies, we’ve got someone feeding. So it breaks it down to all the different parts. It talks about the eyes and about how eyes can all be different. So very much like that Bare Naked book by I think it’s Cathy Stinson’s.

Sorry, I could have the name wrong. Talks about faces being different like noses. Some noses can be bumped, can be broken and have a bend in them. Talks about the different skin and about how skin can be of all different colours and shades as well, and not always one colour. And then it works through all the different body parts.

So it talks about tummies and belly buttons and constantly reminding them that bodies are cool. So just read this book as well is visually lovely as well. Also talks about scar tissue as well, which I think is important as well, especially considering how many kids end up with burns. And then also talks about bodies being growing as well. So look, this is just a lovely book.

It’s nice to find a book about body diversity for younger children because there’s not a lot of books on this topic. So it’s nice to see a book that’s inclusive but also normalises the range of differences that are embodies around. So a great book to have. I’ve got this one from the local library. So I know in Australia a lot of the libraries have this book so definitely cheque out and see if you can find it at your library but if not it’s definitely a book to look at having in your library of books for talking to your kids about the differences in bodies and diversity and helping them to grow up to be more understanding of their own differences but also accepting of the differences in other people.

Okay. I hope you find that helpful. Cheers

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