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At OHMY!, we are a family that supports everyone’s individuality, ideas, expressions and passion as we believe we all have great responsibilities to protect the privacy as we deliver the exciting novelties that are ordered to your home! This is our pledge to protect the unique qualities that everyone has, no matter the diversity in this genre, we treat everyone’s privacy equally important, and this belief is implemented throughout our workday. So of course, discreet shipping is used and is important that all orders at OHMY! are packed in plain boring brown or white corrugated boxes or bubble mailers.

The plain brown or white corrugated boxes like the one in the example, are usually used for multiple orders so that one transaction that contains multiple products are put in one package to avoid further confusion and support the ability to stay private.

Bubble mailers are plain, may vary in colors, and used for small, simple orders such as clothing, accessories, lingerie, lotions, and small gifts.


On the labels, you will not find our name or full address fore discretion purposes and that no one overlooking your labels will not guess any orders with us, and we want to build that confident relationship when you do order with us.

With precautious steps, we aim to keep anything embarrassing from happening, we do our best to keep our names off the label, and just our number will appear on return receipt label inside the container.

Most deliveries will be shipped between 11-7 PM, and all orders before 2:30 are shipped the same day.


As we mentioned before, the order is shipped in plain brown boxes, and billing will be under a different name at times, because your orders are for your eyes only. Track your orders will be easy as well, and through your email for your information. Return address on label will state same as billing statement [will change from time to time]. Currently we are running under Corner Convenient Store. We at OHMY! will never give away postcards full of coupons or send out embarrassing catalogs because your order is for your eyes only, and not reveal your exciting order away!


Most packages are shipped through your choice of carrier and your choice of express shipping. Shipping to Canada will involve a little more fee, sorry, and doesn’t qualify for free shipping. The policy does vary with Canada as well, and that it may take a little longer than standard rate in U.S., about two weeks the most for a successful delivery.


Almost all items are constantly in stock, however nothing is ever 100% and things happen! Should there be a multiple order with an item that went out of stock, in this situation, a purchase may be left on hold until the out-of-stock item becomes available. This transaction that is on hold can be rectified or followed through via email, or call us at 1-877-646-9869 to get the right help, but don’t worry, your transaction is in good hands being handled by our helpful and considerate team members.


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