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more than sex-ed is a  Los Angeles based project of Community Partners®

“How do we support our LGBTQIA+ students?”

Say Hello to Chris Angel Murphy

 We have been back to school and working with educators for a month now, and it’s so gratifying to serve our returning clients as well as students and staff on campuses that are brand new to us.


But regardless of where our client schools are or how long we have been working with them, the biggest area of concern for staff and administrators is most often, “How do we support our LGBTQIA+ students?” A hugely important question, to be sure, when we have ample evidence that LGBTQIA+ youth are more likely to have suicidal thoughts or attempts, personal safety issues and lower academic achievement than their cisgender and heterosexual peers.


Well, someone who has been an invaluable resource for More Than Sex-Ed is our great friend Chris Angel Murphy (they/them), a social worker and community organizer who provides quality LGBTQ+ training, speaking, consulting, and programming. For years Chris Angel served as an exemplary member of our Advisory Board. We have relied on them to review our infographic content as it relates LGBTQIA+ issues and identities, because we know that our cultural understanding of human sexuality is always evolving. Chris Angel helps us keep up with new concepts and changing vocabulary. 

Chris Angel has made so many user friendly resources readily available on their website,

It’s for all of us who are striving to support LGBTQIA+ youth, and we urge you to check them all out:

And as a starting point, we definitely suggest the following flowchart and Chris Angel’s explanation in the link:


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