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It Isn't Rude to be Nude by Rosie Haine

It Isn’t Rude to be Nude by Rosie Haine

Video Transcription

A transcription in case you are more of a reader than a listener

A book for talking to children about bodies nudity.

And it also includes the genitals.

Hi, I’m Cath Hak and welcome to Sex Ed Rescue. Now Sex Ed Rescue is my website, which is where I help parents to find a better a way to talk to their kids about sex, which is why I review lots of books, because books just make it so easy to have these conversations. So I’ve been chasing this book for a while, but because I review so many, I’ve stopped buying them. And my local library has a rule now where they can’t inter library borrow for a year. So it’s taken me a little while to review this book. So apologies. I was really excited when they could get it in. So it’s called It Isn’t Rude to Be Nude by Rosie Haynes or Rosie Hayne. So Rosie is an English author and illustrator, so I love the little fact that it’s got a stick of their stone contains nakedness and that’s okay. So what I like about books like this is that they celebrate diversity, so they let kids know that everyone’s different and that’s okay.

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

So we talk about these conversations for two reasons. One, it helps kids to be more accepting of their own body. So it helps with self esteem and body image because they might have a birthmark on their face and they go to school and no one else has a birthmark. And that might reflect on their self esteem because they think there’s something wrong with them because no one else has this. So that’s why we need to let kids know that everyone’s different and these are just unique traits. The other reason we want to talk about it is because I don’t know about you, but I don’t want children who go to school and bully other children because they have a birthmark on their face or they look different. So that’s the other reason why we need to have these conversations is we.

Want to make our kids more accepting.

And inclusive of people who look different to them. This is more into values. But one thing I have found is that parents who tend to watch my videos and read the stuff I write tend to want the same stuff that I want. So sorry. I’ve got to be careful that it doesn’t end up out of the camera. So it talks about the different parts of the body. Now I really like the art style of this, but it is a little abstract. So as you can see, we’ve got different body parts everywhere. So it’s one of those books it’s going to be tricky to change the pages on. So we’ve got nipples and then we’ve got Willies. So there is a little bit of slang. And I know some parents don’t like it when it says uses slang, but I guess the author is trying to keep it casual. So it could say penises aren’t silly, but look, not book is perfect. So you change the words to what works and suits for you. So if you don’t want to use words like Willie, Cross it out and put what you want in it or just swap the word over.

I love the fact that it’s also talking about different abilities as well. And the genitals are very simplistic. They’re not highly detailed. So over here We’ve got vulvas, which is interesting. They’re using the word vulva instead of vagina, but they’re not using slang, but they are on the other page. And then as you get older, Things will change. So boobs will grow. Now, one thing I did notice Is there’s not a page that’s covered in lots of boobs or breasts. So again, use the words you want to use. And then it talks about body hair. It would be nice. This is just me being critical Just because I’m aware of what kids look out for if they’ve got a body hair covered in here, but they don’t talk about back hair and then we’ve got different backs here. It would be really nice if one of those backs with hairy just because some bodies do have really hairy backs and also some bodies that evolve have got hairy bodies as well. So it talks about the different markings that can come on skin, which is great and the different type of hair that people can have.

And then it also talks about as the body grows up, It will get older and it will change. So again, we’ve got different abilities here. This book has been actually borrowed very often Because the pages are not wanting to come apart. And then it talks about how everyone is different and that’s okay. And remind them that it isn’t rude to be nude. So this is just one of those books that’s a little bit different and gives you an opportunity to have conversations with your child about bodies, diversity. And one thing you would want to talk about and add on to this is also so, yeah, it isn’t rude to be nude and it’s okay to be naked, but what are your family rules about this? We don’t go to the shops nude. We don’t go to school nude. Is it okay to be nude at home? But what about when you have visitors or a friend over to play? So you would also want to bring in your own rules, your family, the rules in here about nudity when reading this book. Okay. I hope you find this book helpful. I quite liked it and I wish books like this have been around in my kids or younger Because I would have been reading these books.

Okay. Cheers.

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