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Kit & Arlo Find a Way a and Vanesby Ingrid Lagunsa Hamilton

Kit & Arlo Find a Way a and Vanesby Ingrid Lagunsa Hamilton

Video Transcription

A transcription in case you are more of a reader than a listener

A consent book for Tweens.

Hi, I’m Cath Hak, and welcome to Sex Ed Rescue. Sex Ed Rescue is my website where I help parents to find a better way to talk to their kids about sex. It’s also where I review lots of books. I was super excited when Vanessa, one of my peers, told me about this book that she was helping someone with. It’s called kitten.

Arlo signed away teaching consent eight to twelve year olds with Ingrid Laguna as the author. And Vanessa Hamilton helped to shape the book, but also provided the teaching resources that come with it. Now, the cover, when I saw the cover, I thought, okay, is this about two birds? But towards the end of the book, there’s a section where they talk about some birds in the tree. So problem with books is how to make the cover inclusive.

And when you start including human bodies, it’s hard to have bodies that include everyone. So the cover threw me, so don’t let it throw you. So it’s a book for I would say sorry, what was that? Oh, what’s the card? So a book that has it’s for those eight to nine to ten 11 to 12 year olds.

I guessed it right. It’s on the cover too, and it uses a story. So consent, there’s lots of different parts for a consent conversation. So having Vanessa involved with this book ensures that all aspects of consent are covered and it’s presented in a way that actually helps to make sense. There’s also teaching resources that go with it as well.

So when you go towards the back, I thought that there was some information online. Yeah, yes, there is info online as well, but there’s also information on the back as well, because not all kids go to school and not all schools will be using this resource because it’s just how things work. So it’s got different things that you can talk about as you go through each chapter. So what you could do is as a parent, you could sit there if you’re homeschooling or even if you’re just wanting to have these conversations, you could read a chapter and then have a look at the back and then try to expand it and continue. If you’re reading chapter one, what lesson does Kit try to teach?

Arlo? So there’s like, you’re chatting about arlo grabs Kit’s glasses off her face. What might stop a person from speaking up when someone doesn’t ask for consent or crosses their body boundary? So say that again in language that works for you when talking with a child. But I like this book because there’s not a lot of books on consent.

Most of the books on consent are picture books, so they’re bit babyish, so some kids won’t want to read them. But this is like not too full on. Like, I read it within an hour, sitting in the car, waiting for my son to play soccer or finish playing soccer training, I think games. I have to get out of the car to watch training, I stay in the car. So it’s something that you could use to start having conversations.

It’s also not sexual, so it’s about consent in everyday life as parents, because I talk with parents and work with them all the time, they often think that consent is about sexual consent. It’s not. It is about that, but it’s also consent about their body. So this is about teaching them consent when they’re younger so that they fully and truly understand the foundations and what it all means before they get themselves out into sexual situations. So I think it’s a fantastic book for starting conversations.

That guide at the back is really good. And I’m so glad that they liaised with someone when they wrote this book because often they don’t. People just go off and write a book about consent and then I look at it, or others look at it and go, yeah, but you forgot to talk about this and what about this? And it just gives you lots. So it means that there’s none of that.

I read through it and I couldn’t think of anything that should have been included because it was all in there already. Okay, definitely a good resource to talk about and one that you can use at home with talking to kids at this age group as well. Okay, cheers.

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