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Petals by Nick Karras | PEEK INSIDE

Petals by Nick Karras | PEEK INSIDE

Video Transcription

A transcription in case you are more of a reader than a listener

A book about vulvas and the diversity in them.

Hi, I’m Cath Hak and welcome to Sex Ed Rescue. Sex Ed Rescue is two things. It’s where I help parents to find a better and an easier way to talk to to their kids about sex. And it’s also where I review lots and lots of books. And I’ve now created a list of books on my website about genital diversity, because what I’m seeing is kids are growing up and they’re getting exposed to more and more images online of genitals.

They’re starting to question their own genitals and thinking, well, mine don’t look like those. And they’re not aware that a lot of the genitals that we see online, most of the penises, are huge, because that’s just what happens in porn. And some of the vulvas have actually had cosmetic surgery so that they look a certain way. So it’s important that we have resources that we can share with children. Now, there’s also websites as well, but this is a book that I had back in the days when I did sex therapy.

And it was just helpful because some women would come in feeling that their own vulva was abnormal. So what I liked about this book in particular was I felt that it was a little bit less threatening because the photos are black and white and less confronting when you look at colour photos. So I’m just going to give you a quick glimpse inside and just to pre warn you that it’s got lots of pictures of vulvas in here. So it’s got pictures like that, like that, and just covers lots of diversity in regards to how vulvas look. And it’s got a little bit of information at the start there.

So, as you can see, there’s lots of different pictures there. So books like this, as I’ve said, can just be really helpful. This book is a little bit harder to get hold of, but it’s just another resource that you can have that will help to normalise this part of the body for children, or tweens or teens. You wouldn’t be using this book for children, but you would be for older teens. It would just be a helpful resource source for normalising this part of the body for them.

OK, cheers.

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