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cover of Womanhood : The Bare Reality by Laura Dodsworth

Womanhood : The Bare Reality by Laura Dodsworth

Book Review

A short overview of this book

Womanhood : The Bare Reality by Laura Dodsworth is a book that is filled with non-sexualised colour photographs of vulvas that represent the diversity in size, colour and shape of this body part.

Books with photographs of vulvas, are becoming a lot more common. So you have plenty to choose from.

These types of books (the ones with realistic photographs, not erotica) are important, especially as kids grow up in a porn-filled world. As they are growing up with unrealistic expectations of what a vulva looks like. And are often unaware that many of the vulvas they see in porn, may have had cosmetic surgery.

My hope is that if we can normalise the diversity in vulvas, that vulva-owners (or girls) will grow up accepting (and hopefully liking) their vulva. Instead of resorting to cosmetic surgery to change the appearance of their vulva.

Now, I wasn’t able to track down a copy of this book to review for the video. I looked through it many years ago, and I will try and track down a copy for a video review.

You can learn more on this page, about how to talk to kids about sex education

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