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Yes! No! A first conversation about consent by Megan Madison

Yes! No! A first conversation about consent by Megan Madison

Video Transcription

A transcription in case you are more of a reader than a listener

A book for young children about consent.

Hi, I’m Cath Hak, or Cath Hakanson from Sex Ed Rescue. And Sex Ed Rescue is my website, which is where I help parents to find a better and an easier way to talk to their kids about love, sex, relationships and all that stuff. So this is a series of books. So this one’s called Yes No A First Conversation About Comsent and almost dropped it. Written by three people Megan Madison, Jessica Rally and Isabel Roxas.

So this is a series of books that are publishers putting out. There’s one about gender, there’s one about love that’s coming out. I think this is the second one or the first, but anyway, the others, as they’re out, they’ll be on the website. I love them because they’re a board book and there’s not many board books on topics that are relevant to sex education available. So this is why I got really excited when this one came out.

It’s a lovely book. I’m really pleased to say that in this book they talk about the Vulva, not the vagina, the gender when they talked about the vagina. So I’d say they must have spoken to a few people and realised that Vulva is the outside and the vagina is the inside. So it’s a book about body ownership. So what I like about this book is at the back, which is really helpful for parents, is guidance on what to talk about and how to continue conversations.

So it tells you how to talk about bodily autonomy, how to talk about vocabulary, so language and words to teach children. Talks about pleasure, so about the fact that getting tickled on your feet feels pleasurable, eating your favourite food is nice. Talks about power and adultism and so talks to children about how they can say no to stuff, about how adults make a lot of decisions for them. It talks about yuck and yum, talks about you might like some things you may not. And just because you like something doesn’t mean that other people are going to like it.

Talks about affirmative consent. So getting children, asking children questions and getting them to affirm Yes No, talking about boundaries as well, feelings and empathy. So it’s a very comprehensive coverage of consent. So this I’ll just quickly show you through it. So this is my body.

It belongs to me. So we’ve got lots of diversity here, which is really good. Learning the names of the different parts of my body. Little pictures like this. I’m the boss of my body.

I like doing things that feel good and then talks about things when they’re not the boss of their body. So it covers lots of different facets of what consent is. Quite comprehensive, actually. I was quite impressed as I read through it. I didn’t actually get to the end of the book and say, hey, they forgot to talk about that.

So I think it is quite comprehensive. So it talks about empathy as well, and if you’ve hurt someone’s feelings, things like that as well. So look, it’s just a really nice book that talks about consent and it breaks it down into a really nice concept. If my kids were little, I would be buying all of these books because I think they’re great books to have on the bookshelf. They’re great books for you to keep reading.

As a parent, I think books like this consent. I surveyed my email list not long ago, over 30,000 parents and more than half of them said consent was something they want to have better conversations about. So books like this, I think essential to have on your bookshelf so that you’re constantly revisiting with your kids. Not a book to just borrow from the library once a year. These are conversations that we need to keep having and the whole set of these are just going to be a fantastic foundation starting book collection to have great conversations with your kids as they grow up.

Okay? And on that note, I’m going to finish because my dog has just given a warning, which means she’s about to start yapping really loudly and you do not want to hear that. OK? Cheers.

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