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Your Body and You. Growing and Changing by Anita Ganeri

Your Body and You. Growing and Changing by Anita Ganeri

Video Transcription

A transcription in case you are more of a reader than a listener

Hi, I’m Cath Hak and welcome to Sex Ed Rescue. Sex Ed Rescue is my website, which is where I help parents find a better way to talk to their kids about love, sex, relationships and growing up. And it’s also where I review a lot of books, just because there’s a lot we’re expected to know and to remember as parents. And sometimes keeping on top of everything can be challenging. And that’s why books can make our life easier, because you don’t need to remember all this stuff, just read a book to your child.

The information’s there. So it isn’t just our kids learning from books, but it’s also us learning as well. So this book’s called Your Body and You Growing and Changing, and it’s written by Anita Nagara. Now, Anita also has a book on puberty for tweens as well. So what’s special about this author in these books is that they write books for tweens.

So the kids who find picture books a little bit too babyish, but they need a little bit more written information and you don’t want to give them, like a book that’s just full of words. So this sort of covers that in between age. Now, hopefully, can you see that I’ve got to stick my head in the camera. It’s not as smart. I’d actually have the thing on the other page on my other screen, so that anyway, I’m not that organised.

That’s the topics, lots of different topics. So this one isn’t about puberty, but it’s about the fact that our bodies grow. You’re born as a baby, but you don’t stay as a baby forever. So it starts off by talking about growing up, just thinking, what was that movie? Benjamin Button?

Where were they born old? And then went, oh, anyway, I can’t remember how it happened, but it was something like reverse ageing. So growing up, from the time you’re born, your body is changing, so it just lays down that groundwork that changes to be expected, it’s going to happen. So you started off as being a baby, and this is such a beautiful picture. I love the artwork in this book.

So we’ve got the baby there growing inside. So it talks about the baby grows, it grows in the uterus. So it doesn’t talk about sex or anything, but it just talks about we all started off as a baby inside the uterus and then you’re born and then you get to become a toddler and you start to grow up from a baby to a toddler, to getting ready for primary school, being a toddler to a child. Sorry, I skipped an age there. And then you hit that age where you’re a child, but then you hit that age where puberty happens, and then it talks about some of the changes that might happen to girl bodies and then the changes that happen to boy bodies.

So these books aren’t inclusive, but most books by mainstream publishers aren’t inclusive. That will change, I think, over time. So it talks about feelings that sometimes puberty can be scary and confusing, and it’s not just your body that’s changing, but also your feelings and moods as well. Then we talk about teenager time. So when you reach the age of 13 and you’re technically a teenager, and things can be a little bit different there, and then talks about the fact that eventually you become an adult, you have interests in other things, and then being an adult has lots of responsibilities, and then eventually you get older as well.

And also talks about, you know, times have changed. So have a chat to grandparents about what it was like for them growing up and stuff. So that’s that book, as I said, it’s a series of four. Each book covers a slightly different aspect of things that kids need to know about as they’re growing up. I like them, but I like anything by this author.

I think Anita Nagara does really nice stuff for that Tween age, and there’s often a gap in finding resources for those ages that work for them. But I think these are great books and I was really pleased that my library already had them and I didn’t have to request them in, so that was an extra bonus as well. Okay. Anyway, I hope you found that helpful. Cheers.

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