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Your Body and You. Looking after your body by Anita Ganeri

Your Body and You. Looking after your body by Anita Ganeri

Video Transcription

A transcription in case you are more of a reader than a listener

A book for Tweens for looking after their body.

Hi, I’m Cath Hak, and welcome to Sex Ed Rescue. Sex Ed Rescue is where I help parents to find a better and an easier way to talk to their kids about love, sex, relationships, and growing up. And looking after bodies is an important one. So this book is called Your Body and you looking after your body. So this is a series of four bodies.

Four bodies, four books. And they’re designed for those kids that are sort of getting too old for baby books, picture books, but aren’t quite ready for books with lots of words. Can you see that? Okay, so the contents list is quite thorough, which is handy because you can see what’s in it. I’ll just quickly show you through these books.

I got super excited when I discovered that my local library stocked them. So it starts off about caring for your body. Now, think of it from the perspective of a child going through puberty. They’ve had this one body that they’ve always been able to look after. If they don’t wash their hair one week and it goes for two weeks without washing it, the hair still looks clean.

Whereas me, most of my videos, I need to wash my hair. But I discovered dry shampoo makes it so much easier for me if I forget to wash my hair. It looks greasy and it looks yuck. And it’s hard for tweens to remember what to do because there’s all these new things that they have to do to care for their body. So that’s why books like this can be really good, because it just helps with reinforcing that message.

So it talks about all the things that you do during the day and you know, you can have quite a busy day, and how we need to look after our bodies to make sure that we can do those things. It talks about nutrition, about how we need to eat lots of good food and not too much of some of these things over here which aren’t so good for you. It talks about feeling thirsty, so we need to be drinking lots of water and keeping our body well hydrated, talks about getting active so exercise is good for you. And talks about how exercise can happen in lots of different ways.

And then we go into, on the move. So how it’s important to try different things until you find the thing that you like to do. It talks about the importance of sleep, making sure you get enough sleep, and what happens when you don’t get enough sleep. Then it also talks about sometimes it can be hard to fall asleep if you’re worried about something. Hang on, I’m just going to pause this video because I can hear a kid making a noise in the background.

Hey, I’m back. So don’t worry. You might find it hard to fall asleep if you’re worried about something. So it talks about the fact that sometimes things worry us and telling someone about it is important as well. Then it talks about stress, so that if you’re worried about something, what are some of the things that you can do to help yourself feel better?

Then it talks about the importance of showering and washing your body. It doesn’t go into washing genitals or how to look after a foreskin, but it does just talk about keeping your body clean, talks about healthy teeth and then talks about staying well. And that sometimes you just get sick and it doesn’t matter what you do. That sometimes happens. Then it goes into washing your hands.

And then I think is that the last one? Usually it finishes with something positive. Yeah, it starts off with a positive thing that starting off as a baby. If you want to end up being a healthy older person, you need to look after the body you’ve got because technically we’re going to have it for a very long time, so we want to make sure that it works for as long as it can. Anyway, that’s that book, it’s one of the four, and it’s just another helpful guide for those kids that are tweens.

And you just need a book that can help you get a message across in different way or in a way that works for them. Okay, cheers.

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