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Your Body and You. You're unique by Anita Ganeri

Your Body and You. You’re unique by Anita Ganeri

Video Transcription

A transcription in case you are more of a reader than a listener

A book for talking to kids about diversity, but also the fact that their body is special and unique.

Hi, I’m Cath Hak and welcome to Sex Ed Rescue. Sex Ed Rescue is my website, which is where I help help parents to find a better and an easier way to have really important conversations with their kids about love, sex, relationships and growing up. And books are just an easy, simple way to have these conversations. So this book is called Your Body and you you’re unique. Now, the author is Anita Nagara, but it’s not written on the cover, it’s written on the inside.

So what happens with a lot of these books is sometimes they don’t put authors names on because what happens is it’s a book company and they find someone and they say, you write the book for us, but it’s our book. I’m guessing that’s what’s happened in this situation. Hard to know. But when you look up the names of a lot of these authors, they write books on lots of different topics. But Anita Nagari’s got beautiful books on puberty, so I’m quite impressed with the stuff they write.

So that’s the different topics that are in this book. And hopefully my dog this morning, hopefully one of the kids will call, she’s scratching at the back door, she wants to go out and she goes out for like 2 seconds and then comes back and scratches to come back in. Anyway, life could be harder, I guess. Okay, so let’s look at this book instead of me getting distracted. Okay, so it starts off at who you are, so just have a look in the mirror.

Are you a boy or a girl? Are you tall or short? What colour are your eyes? Is it your hair curly or straight? That sort of thing.

Then we go into unique you. So look carefully at this picture. Can you see anyone like you? So we’ve got lots of different bodies here and it’s about pointing out the fact that everyone is unique. So we’re all a little bit different, we’re all similar, but we’re also different.

So it goes into a little bit about how the body is built. And I’ve probably forgot to say that what I like about this book is that kids get to an age where picture books are too juvenile, but you don’t necessarily want to give them like a novel, which is just lots of written words of no pictures. So this is one of those in between ones. You know, little things like this. If you didn’t have your skeleton, you’d be lying on the ground like that.

You’d be like, well, some of those sea animals and octopus collapses. But then it lifts its head up with its muscles. Sorry, I had to sneeze and luckily I turned it off because I have really loud sneezes. So it talks about all the different things that make up our body and then it talks about you about how you’re unique. And it talks about, well, how do you end up looking like this?

You’ve got parents there, you’ve got red hair like that parent might have eyes like that, parent. So you’re in makeup of what comes from the person who provided the egg, which might be a mum, might not be your mum, and the person who provided the sperm, who might be a dad, but it might not be a dad. Families can be made in lots of different ways nowadays. And so it talks about the fact that even though you might not look like them, other people might, and you might look like a sibling, you might not. And it talks about the chromosomes and things like that.

Then it talks about eye colour and it talks about why those eye colours are different. And it talks about also hair colour, and about why hair sometimes is darker or lighter or different. Some is curl, some straight. Then it talks about skin colour and it talks about why we have different skin colour. And it talks about melanin and how that’s important.

And it talks about the brain and what the brain does and how it works and it has different jobs and then it goes into that. Most people’s brains work in the same way, but sometimes they don’t. And so it talks about the fact that we might do things uniquely. Body Image everybody’s body is different. Two bodies are exactly the same shape and size.

So it talks about that, encouraging them to accept the body that they’ve got. I have to remember to put this into Body Image list as well. And talks about how to be happy about the body you’ve got and how it’s important to feel positive, try to have happy feelings, and then talks about the fact that we’re different but the same. Being yourself is something to be proud of. And then have another look at the mirror and what do you see?

So it starts off by getting them to look in the mirror, talking about all the things that makes you unique, and then get them to reflect about their body and who they are at the end of it as well. So I like this book. I think books like this can help us as parents to just have these important conversations. Okay, I hope that was somewhat helpful. Cheers.

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